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Closed Circuit Rebreather courses

The first dive in the history of diving with independent underwater systems was dives with the help of re-breathers. In the more recent history, these systems served only submarine elite units, and already in World War II these systems were used by British and Italian commandos. As a result of the technological development in recent … […]

Extanded Refresh

Extended refresh dive is for qualified diver who wishes to refresh their diving skills in the water and in the classroom. A diver who haven’t dived for several years and more, have to refresh his skills. This program is designed especially for divers who haven’t dived for a long time, but also for any diver … […]

Introduction Dive

Let’s get to know a new world … Let’s dive. If you do not have enough time to perform a full course, or you’re not sure that’s what you want, an introduction dive is the experience you need. But be warned, diving is addictive! Diving connects you with nature, it provides new sensations and it … […]