Divers who are looking to dive deeper, better, for a long time and in a much safer way, should try the technical diving course. During this diving course you will learn new topics from the technical diver’s point of view, learning to dive in new levels. After this course you can continue to additional courses such as: diving in wrecks, diving to deeper depths, closed systems, Trimix, cave dives and more.

Duration of the course – 5 days including theory classes, diving in confined waters and open water dives up to a depth of 42 m. During theory lessons we will learn about advanced technical equipment, physics, how to behave in emergency situations, using nitrox to 100% oxygen but limited to a po2 of 1.5, advanced diving planning and more …

During the training program we will dive about 6 dives in the open sea. During the lessons we will learn how to integrate into the environment with advanced technical equipment and implement the subjects studied: deep dives, decompression parking using devices, survival methods in emergency situations, coping with emergency situations on diving and more.

Conditions of acceptance:
Age 15 – If the apprentice is under the age of 18, parental approval is required for a diving course
Advanced open water diver certificate (2 stars) or higher
You can combine at the beginning Nitrox diver course
Medical declaration for diving course
50 dives in the log book when at least 10 deeper than 27 m
Valid diving insurance

At the end of the course, if the diver has performed the required tasks, he will be qualified to the Advanced EANx Diver level of the professional diving organization in the world IANTD and will be allowed to dive to a depth of 42m. Using mixtures of up to 100% oxygen with a po2 limit of 1.5.

* Can be combined with Adv. diving course. A recreational Trimix that permits a dive to a depth of 48 m.