Assistant Instructor diving course under the professional and advanced diving organization in the world – IANTD, Is intended for senior divers who hold a certification of Dive Master and are interested in working in instruction at diving clubs, to lead qualified dive teams, to manage and plan refreshing dives, and to make introductory dives for those who want to get to know the world of diving.

After completing the course, the instructor will be qualified to lead certified diving teams, perform a refreshing dive, perform an introductory dive to those who have never dived, assist certified instructors in the practical part of the Open Water diving course, and lead Advanced Open Water diving course.

A diving assistant instructor course under the IANTD diving organization lasts 4 days and includes:

Practice of leading and briefing a group of qualified divers

Practice and management in the Advanced Open Water diving course

Practice for an introductory dive and refreshing dive

Practice in transferring required theoretical lessons and methodology

Practice and assistance to a certified diving instructor in the Open Water course

Familiarity with the procedures of the Israel Scuba Diving Authority

Learning Ethics and Morals and Behavioral Methods of Assistant Instructor

Conditions for admission to Assistant Instructor diving course:

Diver at the age of 18 or more on the day of the dive course opening.

Certification as a senior diver (Dive Master).

Valid diving insurance.

Pass Entry Test.

At the end of the course we will examine the diver on the transfer of briefings and lessons, assistance on the Advanced Open Water diving course, group leading and management of introductory dives and refreshments. In addition, the diver will pass a theoretical test that includes questions on topics such as diving physics, physiology, emergency situations, diving equipment, rescue, seamanship and meteorology, navigation and more…