The first dive in the history of diving with independent underwater systems was dives with the help of re-breathers.
In the more recent history, these systems served only submarine elite units, and already in World War II these systems were used by British and Italian commandos.
As a result of the technological development in recent years and the drastic decline in the prices of these systems, sport diving associations have begun to develop training programs for re-breathers systems.
As of today, the sport and technical diver can benefit from these training programs, Dive with the re-breathers and take advantage of the unique benefits.

We at U-Dave Club are working under the flagship organization of Technical Diving, the IANTD organization.
We hold a diving course for closed and semi-closed systems in Eilat.
Even though most closed or semi-closed systems work on the same principle, there is a diving course on each system separately.
With us at U-Dave you will undergo training on a wide range of closed and semi-closed systems at all levels, start from a sport closed system diver, technical and up to instructors course.

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