The Dive Master diving course under the professional and advanced diving organization in the world, IANTD, is the most prestigious and advanced diving course in the world, as well as the first step towards diving instructor.

In the Dive Master diving course, the diver receives high professional training in all aspects of diving, both theoretical and practical.

The course lasts 8 days and includes:

Improve the ability to dive

Rescue and help the diver in distress


Deep dives and use of instruments

First aid, oxygen, and CPR

Navigation on dive, search and recovery

Introducing the diving equipment to the spring level

Diving in poor visibility and navigating by night diving

Physics and physiology at a high level

Use of oxygen enriched mixtures up to 40% oxygen

Models and tables

Diving planning

Training in leading groups in water

Emergency situations and group transport

Work on briefings

Help instructors in Advanced Open Water diving course

A number of water capacity tests and many more…

At the end of the course, the diver will examine the material studied in the course, as well as the transfer of briefings and methods of behavior with groups in the water.


Diver at the age of 18 or more on the day of opening a diving course

Advanced Open Water Advanced (2nd Star) or Parallel

A  valid diving insurance

Experience of 50 dives or more in the log as well as diving in the last six months

At the end of the course, to the satisfaction of the instructor, the diver will be certified Dive Master under IANTD organization that gives him the ability to lead diving teams up to a depth of 39 meters (depending on the qualification of divers in his team).