Have you ever wanted to explore another world? Experience a feeling of weightlessness and breathing underwater? Diving offers you an experience at an exciting environment, which emphasis feeling good and contact with the underwater nature. U-DIVE dive center offers you the chance to get to know this underwater world. With us you will learn to breathe underwater faster than you think!
Trained and excellent staff and instructors will take care of you in the most professional manner.

U-DIVE is a platinum club of IANTD diving organization, the world’s largest organization. We offer a wide range of diving courses, including instructor training course. IANTD provides high quality study materials and maintains the highest standards. At the end of a diving course, you will receive an international certification that recognized in diving clubs around the world.

Diving course while on holiday is a special activity that can be done with your whole family, with your friends or alone with our team that always willing to share their knowledge. We will lead you into a magical world towards an unforgettable experience. Dive in the Red Sea, enjoy from your diving course and explore the possibilities that await you in the underwater kingdom. The adventure is right in front of you!

If you are wondering which of the range of courses suitable for you, here are some brief explanations:

Diving course for beginners: Experience new sensations.
These diving courses gives you the first experience of breathing underwater, and give you the opportunity to discover the underwater world. The most popular courses are “Open Water” course and “Scuba Diver” course (for those who don’t have lots of time).

Advanced diving courses and specialization courses: Continue with the underwater adventure.
If you already certified and want to enrich your diving experience, advanced diving courses offer a variety of programs (usually short), that will allow you to improve your diving techniques and expand your knowledge of the underwater world. Discover new hobbies through the course “Advanced Open Water”, specialization courses, “Rescue Diver” course… and maybe you’ll get the highest training in amateur diving: Dive Master!

Professional diving courses: Change your life, be a diving instructor.
If diving became an addiction to you, like it is to us, and you want to make it your profession, choose a professional course of IANTD. Within a few months, you will receive a diving instructor license and share your passion under the supervision of divers and their instruction. To reach this level, you need two main courses: “Dive master” Course and instructor training course.

Technical diving courses: explore your limits.
Technical diving is not for everyone, but if you love “Extreme” sports and you are an excellent diver, you can get where almost no one has come before you, and explore the depths of the mysterious underwater world. Feel the adrenaline!

To prepare yourself for your diving course before arrival to U-Dive, you can register yourself in the following way:
First, you must fill out a health declaration form: Medical certificate from a doctor is required if your age is over 45.
If you answered “yes” to one of the questions, you should see a diving specialized doctor to fulfill the second part of the health declaration form upon sign with his agreement.

There is also a registration form to give us your details and the date of your diving course.

When this is done, after completing the forms you can send them to – info@udive.org