As we all do we are required to by law to insure our vehicle, sport diving requires, under the Sports Diving Law, 1979, that every diver will be covered by diving insurance that will cover him in the event of a diving accident that requires medical treatment, rescue, evacuation and hospitalization.
The dive club must check whether the diver has a valid diving insurance, as he comes to rent equipment, if the diving insurance is not valid or does not exist at all The club will not take responsibility and will not rent the equipment to the diver.

Please note: travel insurance and extreme insurance does not cover diving activities or expenses for visiting a pressure cabin due to a diving accident.
Now that there is no doubt that we need the insurance, here’s what we need to know when purchasing diving insurance:

What does diving insurance cover?

Diving insurance covers evacuation, rescue, medical care and hospitalization expenses worldwide, meaning that when you dive abroad, the insurance applies to you and every diving club you dive with will honor the insurance certificate.

Duration of the insurance

The companies that offer sports diving insurance policies offer several different policies with short and long periods of time and variable insurance cover.
The policy with the longest period is one year, and there are also policies for only 5 days.


Insurance costs vary according on the policy, the component that affects the cost is probably the validity of insurance.
The longer the insurance you purchase for a longer period of time, the higher the insurance price will be.

So where can you purchase diving insurance?

The insurance can be purchased through diving clubs and through the Internet.
It is worth doing a short market survey because there are price gaps between the various companies for the same policy (policies of equal validity).
Over here we attach some links to sites that provide diving insurance:
Rafael Insurance Agency for sports diving insurance five days or a year.

HaPhoenix Insurance Company for diving insurance for five days, 14 days, and one year.

In addition, there are other insurance companies operating in the field of diving insurance.

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