This diving course is for divers who are certified as Trimix divers with deep depth diving experience, who wish to develop and expand their knowledge and abilities, to descend professionally, safely and without any depth limit. By using Trimix mixtures (oxygen, nitrogen and helium) and hypoxic, the diver can descend to a depth of more than 100 meters. This diving course is the highest level in the world of technical diving and is not suitable for any diver. This program requires the diver to be completely independent and rely solely on himself.


Diver at the age of 21 or more on the day of the dive course opening

Diver who is certified as Trimix Diver

Experience of at least 300 dives, at least 100 of which are deep(below 40m)  with the use of Trimix or a capacity that satisfy the instructor underwater.

Have a valid technical diving insurance

For the Expedition Trimix CCR Diver course – at least 75 dives are required on the system, at least 50 of which are with the use of Trimix.


At the end of the course, if the student has performed all the required tasks, he will be certified as an Expedition Trimix Diver under the advanced professional diving organization in the world, IANTD, and will be authorized to dive with the use of Trimix without any depth limitation.