Instructor course of IANTD organization

The prestigious and esteemed diving instructor course under the professional and advanced diving organization in the world IANTD is for divers who have always dreamed of leading a diving course and want to breathe and live the diving world.

In the IANTD instructors course we will learn:

Diving training in confined waters

Diving training in open water

Knowledge of the organization’s procedures and standards

Lead a diving course

Introducing the IANTD directory

Water exercises for students

Familiarity with the procedures and standards of the Sports Diving Authority in the State of Israel

How to pass lectures and theory classes

How to pass a briefing before entering the dive

Sale and marketing of diving course and diving equipment

Keep your dive safe

Introducing the IANTD dive programs and training kits

Preparing for the tests of instructors

Professional ethics in diving

The duration of the course is approximately 8 days, after which the instructor’s course exams will takes place. The course is taught by an IANTD Instructor Trainer


Diver age 18 or more on the day of the dive course opening

History of 100 dives or more recorded in the log book

Diver Master, or above

Valid diving insurance

Conditions for starting instructor exams:

At least 1 year from the day of certification as an open water diver

Performing the course assignments to the satisfaction of the instructor