This diving course allows divers who want to dive up to 60 meters in the safest and most responsible way by using Trimix mixtures (oxygen, nitrogen and helium), helium has no narcotic effect at all and therefore the diver can avoid the effect of depth intoxication.

In addition, the course will deepen the knowledge about the physiological implications, contribute to planning and advanced diving management, learn how to design and use breathing mixtures, how to organize decompression stations, how to cope with water emergencies, dive into new depths and areas, and increase the risk of diving.

Diver Qualified as an Adv. EANx diver / Adv. Recreational Trimix diver and above.
Diver at the age of 18 or more on the day of the dive course opening
With valid technical diving insurance
That the diver will have at least 100 dives experience, at least 30 of which are 27 meters deep or a capacity that satisfy the instructor underwater.
For the course Normoxic Trimix CCR Diver – the diver needs an experience of 20 dives and 25 hours on the system


At the end of the course, if the diver has performed all the necessary tasks to the instructor’s satisfaction, the diver will be certified as a Noromoxic Trimix Diver under the professional and advanced diving organization in the world, IANTD. And will be certified to dive to a depth of 60 meters using the Trimix mixture.