Refresh dive is an obligation for divers who have not dived over six months according to recreational diving law in Israel, as well it is recommended for divers who feel the need to refresh their diving skills.

A diver who certified as “Dive-Master” and higher, has an exemption from doing a refresh dive, even if he haven’t dived over six months.

Refresh dive lasts an hour and a half to two hours and includes a detailed briefing on certain things – What is the diving process, and learning basic theoretical knowledge.
After briefing the dive itself takes place during which the diver need to perform a number of exercises to the satisfaction of the instructor – remove and replace the mask, finding the regulator, remove and replace the weight belt, and balance exercises on varying depths.
At the end of the dive, if the instructor is satisfied and confirm, the instructor sign the log book of the diver and he could continue on his dives with pleasure.

Refreshing dive in U-Dive takes place at a depth of up to 8 meters, after that the diver can go down to any depth without limit (depending on his certification).

* The diver needs to hold a valid diving insurance.