Sidemount is a new way to dive! The balance with tanks on the sides is gaining momentum and is becoming popular in the world.
The location of the side tanks allows the tanks to be assembled not on the back but on the sides, in order to penetrate more narrow places.

Until now, this technique has been used mainly by cave divers or shipwrecks lovers. Today it has become very popular in sports diving, providing the benefits of a sense of lightness and freedom that cannot be felt in traditional diving.

This also allows for new control and understanding of the balance, while making more smooth progress in the water.

Minimum age: 15 years.

Duration of the course: two days (one confined water dive, 3 open water dives).

Prerequisites: Open Water Diver of IANTD or equivalent.

Price: 1,100 ILS

The price includes diving equipment and IANTD certification.

Prices may vary.