Are you short of time but want to be a certified diver? Supervised Diver is the right thing for you. This course takes less time than the IANTD Open Water Course, but leads to a real lifetime certification that will allow you, initially, to dive under the supervision of a professional diver to a depth of 12 meters; This course gives you credit to finish the open water course.

A supervised diving course is parallel to the first part of the Open Water Course of IANTD, both in its practical and theoretical parts. It covers three out of five knowledge development chapters, the first three protected water dives out of five, and the first two open water dives.

In the course you will learn the following: Physical and physiological principles of diving (buoyancy, pressure, depth, air …); Diving equipment and the way to use it; The partner method of diving and the meaning of signs under water; Safety assessment; The aquatic environment and its conservation.

From the moment you qualify, you can dive anywhere in the world under the supervision of a professional diver to a depth of 12 meters. IANTD supervised diving certification allows you to progress to the IANTD Open Water Course as well as some specialty courses.

Prerequisites: Good general health
Age limitation: 12

Course duration: Three days – three confined dives and two open dives.

Price: 1,150 ILS
The price includes diving equipment, insurance, textbook, dive log and IANTD certification.
Prices may vary.

For minors, the mandatory exercises for certification are like adults, but additional terms and conditions may apply to the use of accreditation.