This diving course, which certifies technical divers, expands the knowledge and capabilities, especially in physiology matters, teach you how to manage and plan the dive and how to cope in underwater emergencies. In the course you will go deeper and discover additional areas, stay longer underwater, and the risk level rises. For this, it requires the best, safest, and professional training you can get from our dive instructors.

After completion of the tasks and completion of the course, the diver may dive to a depth of 51 meters, while not limited to time and decompression stops, and can use the rich mixtures up to 100% oxygen to carry out the parking.


The diver must be certified as a Adv. EANx diver / Adv. Recreational Trimix diver

And has at least 100 dives experience, at least 30 of which are deeper than 27 meters, or a capacity that satisfy the instructor underwater.

The diver must be 18 years or older on the opening day of the course

With valid technical diving insurance


At the end of the course, if the diver has performed all the tasks required for the instructor’s satisfaction, the diver will be certified as a Technical Diver in the qualification of the professional diving organization in the world, IANTD ,and will be allowed to dive to a depth of 51 meters without decompression time limit.

* The course can be combined with the Normoxic Trimix Diver course, which enables the diver to dive to a depth of 60 m.